Information for International Competitors

Firearm Importation:

International Competitors wishing to import firearms for Jamaica Cup must return the Registration Form including the section pertaining to Firearm Information six (6) weeks prior to the match.  Serial numbers and calibers of all guns being imported should be listed along with the amount and calibers of ammunition being imported.

We also require a picture of your firearm showing the serial number, and flight information for arrival and departure from Jamaica.  Plan to travel into the Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston (KIN), where we will have made preparations with local authorities to receive equipment from competitors whose registration has been accepted.


Firearm Transportation:

Upon arrival into Kingston you must declare to Jamaica Customs that you have a firearm in your checked luggage.  Competitors whose registration has been accepted will receive copies of permits for entry into Jamaica with firearms prior to travel.

Jamaica customs will inspect these permits along with your firearm. Customs will then detain your firearm and ammunition, and provide you with a Detention Notice.  Please keep this Notice safe as you will need it later on when you are leaving the country.  Your firearms will be transported safely to the Jamaica Rifle Association.  Firearms may only be transported by authorized personnel.


Firearm Storage:

While in Jamaica, your firearm and ammunition will be stored at our secure facilities.  They may only be used for competition and cannot be taken away from our facilities to your hotel or anywhere else.  Any maintenance or testing required must be carried out within our facilities.  Firearms may only be transported by authorized personnel.


Airport Transfers:

You will be responsible for your personal transportation to and from the airport.  Airport transfers are available onsite via authorized taxis.



You will be responsible for your personal transportation to the match venues.  Any group arrangements being made by us for buses or charters will be communicated prior to the match.


Taxis and rental cars are readily available in Kingston.  Drive safely!


Match Hotel

The Spanish Court Hotel is the recommended hotel for participants and guests. It is located in the heart of New Kingston.  More information will be provided on packages for accommodation. Keep checking this website for updates.