Match Information

Stages: 16 (+ chronograph)

Minimum rounds: 260 (including chronograph)

Divisions recognized: Open, Standard, Production

Categories recognized: Lady, Junior, Senior & Super Senior, Law Enforcement

Function firing bay: Will be available under the supervision of a Range Officer only

Shooting range location:

Jamaica Rifle Association, 148 Mountain View Ave, Kingston 13, Jamaica

Woodleigh Range, May Pen, Jamaica

Range surface: Grass and dirt

Temperature: The monthly average temperature in Jamaica in July is 81°F or 28°C

Squadding: Timetable

Shooting format: Full day format for two days

Shooting order within squad: According to IROA format


Lunch for competitors is included in the registration fee. Additional food and refreshments will be available for sale at the range. Remember to bring sun block and headwear to the range.